[Omaha, what besides animals on loan can you offer]
Omaha, what besides animals 
on loan can you offer?
Eric’s Extreme Body Shaping, 
mobile meth kitchens.
Your suitors 
prefer the fakest names: 
Taniel, Tessica. 
They don oversized yellow hats
like this open pasture 
isn’t a place of business.
But they have another thing coming, Omaha.
Yesterday, I misherded your cows 
and now the whole field 
might as well be the moon.
They cultivate the kind of boredom
only prey could love.
When I visit you,
I expect a little more than tapirs, 
antelope, parrots 
and over fifty varieties of wild cat.   
I put on your worn
folk ballads.
You put on 
your beautiful emptiness, 
and no one notices.
How alike we’ve grown. 
I feel like the lone 
publicly-funded snake pit 
in America. 
Those evenings 
when I slither so sweet, 
that tight coil you feel
around your thorax 
is more than 
mere instinct to touch.
It’s joy.            
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