Flegler’s Interior Design (from Winesburg Appendix)

We specialize in wall coverings of all kinds of course. You don’t have to twist my arm too much and I will be there with a stencil and roller. I’ve even been known to do a block printing or two with stamps I’ve cut myself in the rejected cake erasers from the Pink Pearl plant. But we are featuring all this month the newest wallpaper in the Seismic line, wallpaper designed to stabilize masonry walls preventing them from failing during earthquakes! The product has been around since 2012. Artists at the Institute of Solid Construction and Construction Material Technology of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology were spitballing, threw the ideal against the wall, so to speak, to see if it would stick. The paper uses glass fiber reinforcement in several directions and a special adhesive. The pattern is my own design—a sonogram of Yodeling Slim Clark yodeling “Big Rock Candy Mountain.” There’s a lot of worries in Winesburg, and earthquakes are one of them. Why would they not be? Now I am no psychologist, but the ambient anxiety all around is wearing. I like to think by treating the interiors of the sad and shaky spaces we inhabit we all will also live better within our own scarred and tattooed skins. But that could just be me.

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