Ode to the Cannibal
The redback spider throws himself 
into the hollow fangs of his beloved. 
A little gymnast, he leaps mid-thrust. 
Beforehand, he plucks the silky strings 
of her web. Romances his darling. 
Imagines himself as tremendous as her 
            The females are wholly themselves. 
Bellies stuffed with the same. Their insides 
spilling with their insides. Fat and happy.
Taking everything their sweethearts have
to give.
                        Domestic hogs sometimes
savage their young. Feed on the babies
while the babies feed on them. Out of
necessity mostly. There isn’t enough
to go around. And there’s the sea squirt:
who stations her back against a rock 
and eats her own mind. The sea squirt
reclaims her parts, salvages a form,
houses both genders, starts to glow
as she becomes who she is.  
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