Filial Piety
I would eat anything.
For she, who cooked the delicacies,
For he, who paid the bills.
What was it we ate then?
Cow tongue, ox tail, fish eye, pig feet.
We ate body parts.
Tongues for better speech,
Tails for balance,
Eyes for intelligence and vision,
Feet for stability.

Hungrier than the other two,
He and I also sucked out the marrow of bones,
Bit the fat off every inch of meat she served us.
No amount of fat could sully our leanness.
Our skin shone with the oil and was elastic.
My only strength my appetite.

Children are penniless.  They have  
Only their devouring to give.
For the mother and father we devour
Danger, poison, grotesquery
And live.
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